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Harmonisense offers massage therapies for relaxation and well-being at home during your stay at the hotel or your company. We travel with a portable massage table and all the proper equipment.

Special massage knots / tension

Massage at the  hotel in BrusselsA stressful lifestyle makes our back enduring all the pain of it. The muscles stiffen and cause back strain. If we do not process it appears, over time, nodes and unbearable pain. The same pains arise because a poor posture. This massage is very relaxing, for the body and is ideal for relieving stress. Our specialty is to remove the knots and tensions. We offer a 10 minute head massage.

Duration: 1H, 1H30 or 2H.


Harmonizing massage.

Harmonizing massage in BrusselsHot oil massages, by simple gestures, reunite your mind and body in balance. It accelerates the flow of blood and lymph, removes toxins and relieves anxiety.

Duration and cost: 1H to 105 €



Relaxing and anti-stress massage

Relaxing and anti-stress massage in BrusselsAfter a stressful day, physical activities or after intense sport, this massage will relax you completely as well physically than psychologically. We offer a 10 minute head massage.

Duration: 1H, 1H30 or 2H.







Hammam massage chair or seated massage

Hammam massage in BrusselsThis technique of acupressure on points of tension is practiced in a sitting position and dressed up for those who fear ending up naked on a table. Very easy to do at the hotel or your office this massage requires only a short time without having to move and for a friendly cost.

Duration: 15 or 20 min (minimum 4 people)

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